Paddy’s Page

The Life and Opinions of Paddy Longlegs, Frog

Paddy O’Brian is really one of a kind..

Probably the biggest frog in our small pond...  or the biggest frog in the puddle???

He’s a frog – yes. And on top of that he’s well-read, eloquent, humorous and witty.
OK, he might turn not into a prince but into a little know-it-all from time to time
but even then he’s just adorable.

As Paddy loves sharing his thoughts and little adventures with YOU why don’t you plunge in at the deep end and let him entertain you a bit?

Follow him on his trips to interesting places, accompany him to social events such as birthday parties or barbecues, enjoy his funny and often radical views on the world.

Can you imagine a funnier or better way to improve your vocabulary ?

Find a list with the words in color here

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